Saturday, November 27

Praise God for big favors.  I've been having commitment issues with a few wedding details (not my future husband, ha) and also had a tiny meltdown at the dinner table with my brothers, who are in town visiting me for the week.  The meltdown wasn't important.. just venting about some of the comments guests have made about the choices I've managed to make in the past 19 days.  I was about to call D and ask him if we could just get married in our street clothes in Newton (since it's already paid for and I still love that place) in May, and to hell with all the other details.

I've been looking at wedding dresses since September, when our friends, C & W, were putting the finishing touches on their wedding preparations.  I found the right one early on, but was hesitant to commit because, really, who finds the right dress that early in the game?  What if it was just a crazy impulse?

I've spent several hours since the 7th of November looking at wedding dresses online and some in person.  There was no vision of the dress in mind.. I just knew I wanted to be comfortable and a little different and not feel "fussy" wearing it.  Tonight, after returning home from shopping with the brothers and indulging in a couple more hours of online dress-shopping, I took a deep breath, said a prayer, and went to buy the dress I fell for at first sight.  Here's where God's most recent big favor comes.  At the final checkout page, the retailer offered a coupon for 40% off purchases over $150, plus free standard shipping.


My wedding dress will be on its way in a few days, and I paid half of what I had prepared to spend on it.  Thank the Lord for another decision crossed off the list and for a huge financial gift.

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Happy Together
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