Friday, November 5

Renee Keeman

I couldn't fit this into an email, so I'm posting it here for the old KMS crowd to check and make suggestions.  

Renee Keeman was my chorus teacher in middle school.  She is the most uplifting kind of woman.  You could always just see how much God loves her by how she loves others.  She loved on my little crew of friends when we were pre-teen hellions who thought we knew it all, but really probably deserved a good spanking.

She is nearing the end of a hard fight with cancer.  When God calls her back, she'll leave behind her best friend and husband, Jeff; her daughter, Felicia, who is our age; and two more children.  She'll be missed by hundreds of students she taught and ministered to over the years.

For right now she is still with us.  Join me in praying for a peaceful, painless transition from this life to the next for her, and for comfort and peace for her family and friends.  If prayer is not your thing, remember Renee Keeman and her family as you go about your business and live each day with more appreciation because life is short.

Part of me wishes He would see fit to let her stay just a little longer.  But I know that each of us is given a purpose before we are born, and given a lifetime to love and learn and fill that purpose here in this fallen but wonderful gift of a world.  I have no doubt that Mrs. Mommy Keeman served God faithfully and loved His people with grace and delight.  She is no doubt ready and prepared to go.. it's those left behind who might not be ready.  And that's why I am asking you to pray with me.

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Happy Together
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