Sunday, December 5

just remind us how blessed we are

Our engagement has been a constant reminder of blessings we have taken for granted in recent months.

For example, my girls and I are all pretty terrible phone friends.  Thank heaven for social media outlets keeping us connected when we're too busy or too lazy to pick up the phone or get in the car.  Planning a wedding in just 6 months, however, opens up all kinds of easy opportunities for us to pick up the phone.  Big life events like this stir up the kind of excitement that trumps a long workweek, travel exhaustion, or trashy-TV-catchup-time, and motivate us to reach out to each other.

Two of my b'maids accompanied us to our cake tasting with Amanda on Saturday morning.  It was a fun, new experience for me.  Amanda made the most delicious treats and is very talented.  She's also super organized & type-A, which is what you want from a vendor on your big day.  She helped us come up with super ideas not just for the wedding cupcakes, but also for D's groom's cake!  We were very satisfied with the whole experience, and are taking a few days to consider it before deciding.

After the tasting, D was sent to watch football & deliver a post-wedding present.  We visited a favorite local lunch destination & one of my favorite boutiques before J had to leave for her grandparents'.  It was great to catch up and enjoy the beautiful day together, pretending we were in college again.  A & I continued to shop & snack all day before I headed downtown to celebrate D's birthday with our boys & the newly initiated kids.  My great-great-great-great-grandlittle was introduced to me last night, along with the new initiated Alpha Alphas, and I'm happy to see our family lines are doing great!

Another blessing.. while discussing the ceremony & marriage counseling, our pastor suggested we use the 567  (space where our church meets) as our reception site.  We still need to work out details, but it would be so much more meaningful to have it in a building that we helped restore and that houses our first church home together.  D is also excited because he's pretty sure we won't have to pay $2,000 for it.

In other news, my dress has arrived!  I may or may not have worn it around the house for a few hours while D was at work; fortunately I didn't fall asleep in it before he came home.

All in all, it's been a success of a week.  I am grateful for wedding plans falling into place and opportunities being presented.  I'm grateful that the message Keith preached today almost exactly matched the conversation we had while getting ready for church this morning.  I'm grateful for a splendid worship/music team, led by Josh.  I'm grateful to be reminded of all our blessings as we celebrate Advent and look forward to starting our marriage.

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Happy Together
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