Thursday, December 30

a year in review

In the middle of winter:
.. I quit the restaurant, moved to SC with no job prospects.
..despite uncertainties, I'm deliriously happy to be reunited with D.
..we live in a little house with no furniture in the living room except for my blue armchair and the little entertainment center.
..lessons abound in conquering fear with faith while I keep house and resolve to find work before my little savings run out.
..D grows as a leader & provider, I grow in patience & humility, we strengthen our relationship
..lessons also abound in gratitude and God's unfailing providence as being out of work for over a month doesn't keep me from paying all my bills.

..I find temp work making less $ than I've ever made and for the first time am not financially independent (i.e., D pays for the roof over my head).
.. I rejoice because it snows real, substantial snow on one of our trips "home" to GA.

In the spring, we:
..try adjusting to life with few friends other than brother & sister-in-law (bless them for being the best family we could ask for!).
..begin the search for a church home in SC.
..feel very discouraged in church home search and wind up spending almost every weekend in GA with our church family.
..wonder if we heard Him right when He said "move" and we really didn't want to anyway.

Summer comes and:
..I finally begin to feel happy about living in SC, although all of my friends remain in GA & FL.
..D completes what seems like eternity-long training at work.  I'm still not entirely sure what he does for a living.
..we continue the search for a church home.
..we briefly entertain the idea of buying a house, and after an uncharacteristic fight the discussion is tabled.
..important immediate-future-oriented conversations are regular occurences.
..weddings & happiness are around every corner.
..I realize D is an even better man than I thought.  Praise the Lord.  
..I visit the church that will become our SC home.

When the leaves start to turn:
..we visit CCW together and after prayer (and wonderful help from the outreach director & her family) decide this is where we will stay.  Praise the Lord.
..the company I interviewed with over the summer calls me back and offers me a job 2 seconds from our house.
..two of our best friends get married in GA, the bride throws the bouquet and it manages to hit me square in the face.
..we celebrate two other friends' wedding and the morning after an eventful evening D proposes on the very spot where we'll make our vows.  I may or may not have fainted.
..D makes it clear that we are not going to elope.

Now it's winter again, and:
..God makes His providence incredibly felt through every step of wedding-planning.
..we spend our first Christmas away from our families, working.
..I am blessed to spend Christmas day alone with my Savior while D works.
..the first house we toured and loved gets marked down in price and the realtor ups the incentives when the couple who toured it after us falls through.   Maybe in a few months there will be a moving announcement!
..we watch Transformers Christmas night and I decide to name our future dogs Sam and Bumblebee.  So they can be best friends.

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  1. So much to celebrate. Love to you both.

    Oh, and I love the puppy names.


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Happy Together
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