Monday, January 10

everything is sparkling with diamond light

Today's snow day was even better than the day after Christmas!  The snow was almost 4 inches of sparkling gorgeous all over everything, and work was kind enough to cancel so I could enjoy it.  I popped out of bed with more energy than I usually have after the first cup of coffee (love of snow apparently trumps caffeine dependency) and suited up for a jog.  My first exercise endeavor of the new year!

"Get your hat and coat and bundle up real tight.

The parkways were much more breathtaking than a cell-phone picture conveys.  

"The road is bare, it's four feet high.

After my jog, I came home and convinced D to go on a walk with me.  "It's romantic," I pleaded.  "It will cost you nothing and it will make me so happy!"  So he grumpily pulled on a sweater and boots and came out.. and secretly he had a good time.

Word is that I don't have to go to work tomorrow until ten (if we go in at all!).  Praise the Lord for beautiful weather and free time to relax and enjoy it.

"Honey, let's play hooky, 'cause it snowed last night."
- Meaghan Smith

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Happy Together

Happy Together
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