Saturday, February 19

Rearranging & a future nest first look

My Valentine's week gift to Dan is a re-vamped workout/office space.  I'm taking a break from moving the off-season clothes out and the desktop computer in.  His P90X guides and rotating work schedule are up on the wall and the floor is cleared out.

It's a little tiring, but nothing beats rearranging your house to your heart's content when there's no one home to stop you.

This Christmas gift from his little brother finally has a good home!


Future Nest: the mudroom

We wear a lot of shoes throughout the week.  In a week he'll wear smelly basketball shoes (half a dozen pairs), steel-toed work boots, and greasy work-under-the-car sneakers.  I rarely repeat a pair of shoes in a work week unless it's my black leather boots and my assortment adds to his pile.

Note: I didn't throw more shoes on the pile.  This is actually what the entrance to our home looks like right now.  (Mother, please don't be horrified.)

In a perfect future nest, we'll have a closed-off mudroom through which we'll pass before entering our house.  It will look something like this (photo credit unknown):

A pretty soothing entrance like this would be the perfect welcome at the end of a long day.  It'll be a good replacement for the yucky, guilt-inducing mess that greets me every afternoon. Even everyday shoes are too pretty to be stored in piles like that.  Until we move and I get my nest with pretty, inviting mud room, I'm considering investing in something like this little gem from Amazon.

What's the first thing you notice when you come home from work?  Does it make or break your evening?  

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