Saturday, February 5


I just want one of two things:

More closet space
, or someone I can pay to fold my laundry.  I miss 551 Orange Street (my lovely first apartment, which I inherited from Big and shared with Little) with its walk-in closets and wonderful, huge space.. the closets in our sweet little house today are barely wide enough for my little shoulders to fit through.  

I am usually so grateful for my blessings, but the where-to-put-clean-laundry thing is really getting to me this morning.  Does anyone have any suggestions that don't involve folding every article of clothing we own?  

Starting next post, I'll be sharing pictures I've collected in an album called, "Future Nest Lookbook".  It would be wonderful to build a house and arrange and decorate to my heart's content.  Happy Saturday!

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Happy Together

Happy Together
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