Saturday, April 2

Ring shopping

This is my ring:

I've been looking for its wedding band partner for 5 months and I don't love anything I've seen.  Really, does one have to have a separate wedding band?  

Here are some I've considered:

We're looking for a best friend for my engagement ring.  One that will complement the solitaire and present a simple, unified look for everyday wear.  Who knew that I'd one day become the girl who agonized for 5 months over a piece of jewelry?

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  1. No, of course you don't HAVE to have a wedding band. And I think it would be fine to wait until your beautiful engagement ring's best friend makes its way on its own into your life. I, being the ring purist that I am, love the first picture you posted. Have you checked etsy for some different options? I love the handmade look of some of the rings on there.


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Happy Together
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