Monday, June 6

16 days and grateful

On this 16th blessed day of being "Mrs. Beef" (I apologize for the bridal shower/Macon bachelorette inside joke), I'm grateful for

A good sermon I found on the Compassion blog.  ("Protect us Lord, from speaking ill of someone who is not present and listening to that kind of conversation, from thinking that we are better than others".. ouch, called out.)

Twelve blessed, blissful days with my husband on pristine beaches and in breathtaking mountains.  I love that man.

Photographer friends & family who documented every moment in that big, beautiful wedding celebration.

A healthy baby girl on the way for a best friend (we can't wait to meet you, Anna Claire).

A mini Chi Omega reunion in Macon last weekend.

A surprise video gift of our reception!

My wonderful husband, who never lets a day pass without telling me that I am perfect and beautiful and his all-time favorite.

Praise God for this wonderful life!

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Happy Together

Happy Together
I could see me lovin' nobody but you for all my life.