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I'm a proud, pretty traditional Christian. I love my God and I love other people as much as I can, and every day God helps me to love better.

A long time ago, God made marriage because it was not good for man to be alone, and so He created a woman to be his love & his partner. Marriage is a precious gift and blessing, one we are grateful to enjoy. I do not believe same-sex marriage belongs in the church. That's not God's design.

In this world where many things are not as God designed, there is a right way and a wrong one. There is a law and as Christ-followers we choose to uphold it. But the greatest wrong in this world is when we choose to ignore the greatest law Jesus taught: "Love God, love others". It is wrong to love our laws and rules first, to give them priority over God and the people He loves so deeply and equally. When we get love right, maybe we can open the door to agreeing on the other things.

I strive to follow God's law every day ("Love God, love others"). That includes my loved ones who are gay and in committed, loving relationships. It is not my church's place to dictate what others (who do not believe/follow Scripture) do. It is our place to love people where we find them--Christian or not, straight or gay, whatever the difference--and lead them to God by letting them see the light He places in our lives. We can be that city on a hill and share our joyful light instead of the religious crowd throwing rocks at people who break our rules.

Today, I rejoice that my gay loved ones and friends are treated more fairly, at least in New York, while giving thanks for my marriage and all its blessings.

D & I enjoy our second kiss as man & wife in front of the beautiful window in Newton.

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Happy Together

Happy Together
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