Saturday, July 2

new reading material

I'm so excited about my newest subscription in Google Reader:

This blogger comes up with simple and unique recipes and she makes them with her two small children. I love the idea and she had me at "goat cheese". Enjoy, fellow foodies!

The couple over at Young House Love also sparked my interest and a click on the "subscribe" button in Reader. DIY house projects are a secret fascination of mine.. and one of the very few reasons I wish we owned our home now instead of renting.

For a long time, I've also enjoyed (in)courage. Check them out if you're a woman who likes to read in a community and loves Jesus.

With a new Google account, (to match the new name I picked up 42 days ago) I am starting from scratch as far as Reader subscriptions. Feel free to send over any suggestions! I like food, house projects, fashion, Compassion International, the Greek alumnae experience, and perspectives on Christianity.

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Happy Together

Happy Together
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