Thursday, July 7

Quote of the night:

"There's no 'what would Jesus do' Bible story for this."

Sometimes it's not already spelled out in black and white (or red, depending on your copy of scripture). Sometimes you have to listen for what He's telling you today.

Today my angry tendencies and my temper are put away until I figure out what Jesus would do. Forgive and ignore seems too simple, but maybe His way is that simple. I'm not wise enough to know on my own.

Silly fools like me have to rely heavily on God's wisdom even in the smallest things.

More importantly, 47 days into this crazy lovely marriage adventure, I'm grateful for

good books everywhere

a digital frame (thank you Uncle Vern, Aunt Joy, & "dear cuz" Tanya!) that plays memories of our beautiful day all evening while I sit in my favorite blue chair

my favorite blue chair

my favorite and his terrific brother bringing home dinner

a clean house!

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Happy Together

Happy Together
I could see me lovin' nobody but you for all my life.