Tuesday, August 2

73 days and a reality check

Some mornings, you just want a do-over. Today was one of those.

I came home for lunch in the lows of a PMS mood swing, offended by little things at work, and declared to my soundly sleeping husband (he worked a night shift last night) that I hated everyone in the world ("they're all b****es" was the specific phrase) and only loved him and was never going to get out of bed or go back to hell work again.

You can see why he married me.

He had me sit down next to him, not saying anything. He just traced a circle on my left hip and pointed, waiting for me to get it. And then the light came on in my head. Duh.

About 6 months ago, I did something completely out of character and added this to my left hip:

Today I forgot about the most important thing I've been taught. God and D gently checked me back in to reality without scolding me or even getting upset that I stomped and complained the whole way through the house while he was sleeping because my hormones were a touch off and someone looked at me the wrong way at work.

Today, 73 days into our marriage adventures, I am grateful for

.. a God who is making me new, even though I mess up and we have to start over sometimes

.. a husband who is growing into a man who will lead his family back to God when they get distracted

.. the crazy (for me) choice I made 6 months ago to put a permanent reminder of what's most important on my body

.. honesty that builds me up when I fully deserve to be taken down a peg. Or seven.

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Happy Together

Happy Together
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