Tuesday, August 23

the 94th day

The simple life is good.

I slept in and D kept smashing the snooze button on the alarm I didn't hear until I absolutely had to get up for work.

While I worked, D enjoyed a day off, which included sleeping in some more, SportsCenter, and a small earthquake. I'm still not sure it actually happened, since I didn't feel a thing. (That's what she said.)

For lunch, I decided to support a local family-owned sandwich shop, where they serve the best pimiento-cheese/bacon on toasted wheat sandwich ever. God bless family-owned businesses and the hands that prepared such delicious food and brewed such perfect sweet tea.

On the home from work, I called my mother. She was a touch worried because of the earthquake. I drove the speed limit (D: "Like a grandma") to softball, where D played 3 games with his brother, smooched me through the fence, and hit 5 home runs!

Late-night date: Kroger, ice cream selection, and a ride home, which included stopping in the middle of the road on the way home for a little smooch.

D hijacked the shower before I could take mine, clogging the drain with red clay. Who knew boys could get so dirty? I told him I was angry and that he clearly hated me. At least he had dinner ready when I was done with my shower. AND the drain worked itself out.

I love my God and my husband and could not ask for a more perfect life here. May I always see days like today and appreciate the simple, comfortable life we've been given to share. May we always kiss through softball fences and in the middle of the road driving home at night.

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Happy Together

Happy Together
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