Monday, August 8

wedding season reminder

At Brett & Kara's lovely Dallas wedding two days ago, we in the congregation were treated to a practical reminder about the 3rd Person in our marriage.

The pastor reminded us:

When you speak to your spouse, remember that they are a child of God. Remember you have promised to love, honor, and respect them. When you speak to your spouse, remember that God is standing behind them, looking over their shoulder at you. Always remember that God is with you every day as you live out your marriage. [my paraphrase]

I struggle with this more than I want to admit. Temper gets lost, words fly out. And it's not just uncontrolled, oops-can't-believe-I-let-that-slip words. When I'm angry, I choose words specifically to inflict hurt or convey my level of "pissed off". It's nothing like what I promised to give him, and it certainly doesn't reflect the reality that God is in the room with us.

79 days into this marriage, I'm grateful for

.. a practical reminder of my vows

.. a patient husband who can handle my bad moments

.. home-cooked dinner with college friends tonight

.. letters from Compassion children shared over the phone (thanks, Sarah!)

.. vanilla bean ice cream with chocolate chips, caramel sauce, and pretzels (happiness in a cup)

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Happy Together
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