Thursday, September 8

10 Things: September

Inspired by Megan (Made by Maison):
Do you ever have those days when you realize "Gee wiz: I just don't really do anything." Example? Here's my weekly routine: I get up, I go to work, I come home, I make dinner, I sit and watch tv, tidy up the house, I go to bed, repeat.

Well, no more I say! It's time to get the sparkle back in my life and I'm not wasting another minute.

I just put up a "10 Things I Want to Do This Month" list in my sidebar and this will be my guide to a more fun, colorful, and fabulously interesting life.
Amen, sister! During the month of September, I will

1. Bake bread (it's finally cool enough to bake)
2. Edit the surprise video of our reception
3. Donate one large box of decent stuff from the attic to Goodwill
4. Review my American Sign Language lessons
5. Rollerblade in the park
6. Write to Karthigai and Edeline
7. Visit J before AC is born
8. Make an apple pie
9. Organize my closets
10. Find a new book to fall in love with

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Happy Together

Happy Together
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