Monday, September 5

letters from Haiti and India

This weekend I was overjoyed to receive letters from both of my girls in the Compassion program. Edeline, who lives in Haiti, was full of questions about our wedding day and was sad she could not be there to celebrate, too. Karthigai, in India, sent me a thank-you letter for her birthday gifts (sturdy metal cookware and a green beaded saree).

Writing to Edeline & Karthigai has been such a happy privilege. It has been a couple of years now since my roommate and I decided to sponsor a child through Compassion. Two sponsorships and three children between us later, I'm so happy God called me to participate in this. These girls have given me a better perspective on our neighbors in poverty. It's impossible to see Haiti in the news or read about hungry children in India and shrug it off as a sad statistic. I don't see numbers and sad news anymore; I see the faces of two young girls who share their lives with me several times a year through their letters.

Do you sponsor children through Compassion? Do you know how they're doing? If you don't have a stamp or the address, you can write to them directly from the Compassion website. No stamp necessary. The Compassion staff even has helpful guidelines if you can't think of anything to say. You'll love being a part of what God is doing for these kids.

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Happy Together
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