Saturday, October 22

154 days + Compassion

It has been such a wonderful 154 days of marriage!  (Thank you to our wedding website for keeping me updated.)

Love intentionally.  
Cynical people keep trying to convince me that passionate love doesn't persist after years of marriage.  We intend to prove them wrong and continue our lifestyle of communication, affection, sacrifice, forgiveness, and intentional love.   We've seen it in action and we intend to follow the highest Example into eternity.  Take that, cynical people.  Take your marriages off auto-pilot and let good times resume!

Compassion International
I can't say enough good things about what God's doing using the folks at Compassion International.  Karthigai, my letter-writing friend of the past 2 years, is no longer enrolled.  The Compassion team called me to let me know that she is healthy and plans to continue her studies, and that her family's financial situation has greatly improved.  I am so happy for her, but part of me is sad that I probably won't get to hear from her again, at least not in this life.

They offered me a choice: stop my financial support or transfer the support to another child.  My dear friend Sarah found 11-year-old Angela, who lives in Peru and has been waiting for a long time to be sponsored:

I can't wait to get to know this not-so-little girl and hear her story.  It really is such a blessing to get to know another child and help her get to know Jesus.

If you have a heart for children in need, want to help a child know Christ better, and have an extra $9.50/week you can spare, check out Compassion International and pray about getting involved in their work.

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Happy Together

Happy Together
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