Sunday, October 2

Small group

Cedar Creek calls them HOME groups, New City calls them Missional Communities.  Your church (if you have one) probably calls them something similar.  Small groups, cell groups, whatever.

This town feels like home because of the men & women God introduced us to in our search for a small group.  There's nothing "small" about our group.  We're all from different places.  We're imperfect; we disagree on things, we veer off topic when we're discussing a passage, we often start and end later than planned (bless the babysitters).   We're not always your textbook definition of "Bible study".

In the 14 months I've spent time with these people, we have prayed through some tough situations, laughed at ourselves, and enjoyed a thousand home-cooked meals.  The girls know when to be silent, when to crack a joke, and when to ask tough questions.   We get to know God and each other together.   In good times and in tough times, we know we're not alone in this town.

Having a small church family in addition to participating in the larger congregation (here at Cedar Creek and before at New City) has opened up my church experience to something more beautiful and practical.  This small group continues to make a difference for us.   It's been one of the biggest blessings of our time here so far.

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Happy Together

Happy Together
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