Sunday, November 13

(Our) Ministry

Meet Gokulnath, my new correspondence kid through Compassion International:

I was surprised and delighted to receive a new sponsorship packet a couple of weeks ago, along with a letter thanking me for offering to write to another child whose financial sponsor does not write to them.  His first letter from me went out last week, and I cannot wait to get to know this little man.  He's 12 and, like Karthigai, lives in India.  I know a little about his family situation and performance in school, but until he writes back, I don't know much more than that.  D and I will be praying for him and writing back and forth like I do with Edeline (my other correspondence kid) and Angela (my new sponsored child since Karthigai is no longer enrolled).  

Right now I only have room in my budget to support one Compassion child financially.  However, it's been such an honor and blessing to get to know these correspondence children.  Someone else is meeting their financial needs, but I'm glad to be able to love on them and let them know that not only does a sort-of-stranger across the globe believe in them, but also that Jesus does.  

Speaking of ministering to kids: I am officially a Young Life leader again!    It's been on my heart for so long now; D and I have been praying for over a year about getting involved again.   I was almost too afraid to contact the local area director, afraid that I wasn't good enough to point kids to the Lord.  Of course, all those fears have been laid to rest.  It has been wonderful getting to know the staff, leaders, committee, and especially the kids.  I'm getting to know freshmen girls at a local high school and am hopefully going to be able to take them to camp at Saranac Village this summer.  I called my old roommate and left her a very short message: "Damn, it feels good to be a Young Life leader again!"

Words cannot describe how humbling and incredible it is to be able to share this with my husband.  Before New City Church, before I came here, and before Cedar Creek Church, it seemed like following Christ and ministry were parts of my life kept separate from my most important human relationship.   I wanted to be able to share the work God gave me with my husband.  I wanted my husband to point me to the Lord when I lost focus.  It's been about 2 years since D jumped into life with the Lord with me and I'm still completely in awe of how God shows Himself to me through my husband.  This is one gift I have not been able to take for granted.  It seems like all I do is thank Him over and over for showing up where I needed Him most.. in my relationship with my husband.  

176 days into our marriage adventure, and God is just so good.

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Happy Together
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