Sunday, December 25

10 Christmas traditions started this year

1. Ornament advent calendar.  Every day this month my husband opened up a love note/funny note/Scripture verse with an ornament to add to the tree.

2. Re-watch The Family Stone from Thanksgiving Day.

3. Decorate with candles.  Lots of candles.

4. A live tree, to be decorated all month long.

5. Instead of bows, finish up the gift-wrap ribbon with ornaments.

6. Only certain types of music are played, (if not instrumental, the lyrics must feature Christ and/or winter weather, no Frosty/Rudolph/Santa songs here), and they're played all day.

7. Egg nog & American Honey.  Probably the least healthy and most delicious new tradition.  I've never liked egg nog before this year.

8. Make a ham with a delicious, adventurous new glaze recipe made up the day before, and send it to work with Dan.  (He's worked the last 2 Christmases and the ham is a big hit!)

9. After much pestering, I convinced my husband that Christmas Eve is for spilling stockings and opening just one present!

10. On Christmas day, take homemade cookies or chocolates to a stranger who has to work in customer service.  I was torn between our local Waffle House and the BP station.. D chose the BP station and it turned out to be a delightful surprise for the attendant and a warm fuzzy moment for us. (D was not thrilled about having to go out in the cold evening to deliver food to a stranger, but decided it was worth it afterward.)

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Happy Together
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