Saturday, December 31

2012: time to do better


It's time to do better.  The new year is the perfect time to do better as I worship God, love others, and take care of myself.

Worship God
Quiet time has been such a comfort.  It's wonderful when I remember to shut up and hear what He's telling me.  Listening to Him can be a challenge, with all the silly distractions each day offers, but His voice is worth it.  No other voice has the power to keep me alive and satisfied.

Fortunately, I've always loved to read.  It's easy for me to spend time soaking up God's written word.  This year I want to leave my comfort zone (Exodus, 1&2 Samuel, Psalms, Isaiah, and the gospels) and dig deeper in the other parts of His word.  Maybe start with one of the lesser-known prophets?  I don't think I'm ready to read Numbers deeply just yet!

Love others
I'm going to throw myself even more into the work He's put before me as a Young Life volunteer: call/hang out with kids every week day and some weekends.  Listen more.  Be less like my flawed self and more like the One sending me.

Being a good phone friend is not my strong suit.  I'm working on being a better friend by reaching out a little more, and where my reach fails in everyday distraction, I will lift up these relationships to the Lord and pray that He will help strengthen them.  We are so blessed with wonderful friendships and I don't want to take a single one for granted.

Confession: I'm obsessed with my husband and crazy in love with him, but my temper and pride get in the way of loving him the way I promised to 223 days ago.  My relationship with him is the most valuable thing I have on this earth and I hope to do better in the new year by listening more and jumping to conclusions less.

Take care of myself
A customer at the bank offered me some advice on her fortieth birthday: "Be good to your body now.  I'm paying for the decisions I made in my twenties when it felt like nothing could stop me and good habits could wait.  They can't."  Yoga & long walks are slowly taking back their place in my daily routine, and I'll go further from there in 2012.

I love to cook, read, and be outdoors.  This year I let planning our wedding longish-distance, traveling, and all the changes at work keep me too tired at the end of the day to do anything but clean the house and watch DVRed shows with my husband.  No more.  Every day I'm carving out 45 minutes to do something for my own enjoyment, whether it's building a fire out back, reading one of the many books I received this Christmas (thanks, Mother!), or trying out the recipes on Pinterest.

Best wishes to you as you begin a new chapter!  What are you going to do more, or just differently?

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Happy Together
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