Tuesday, March 6

Luke 9:18-20

Jesus asked them, "But who do you say that I am?"

Who do I say He is?  He's my God and let me tell you something about Him:

(excerpt from journal entry 11 July 2011)

My God fixed our relationship when we had smashed it (again).  My God is taking a hard, stubborn, bossy heart and making it look more like His.  My God has saved me from a million things--from eternal misery & judgment; [...] from a life defined by religion; from a hundred car accidents when I wasn't paying attention; from misguided self-reliance.

My God imagined the sun, salt water, and trillions of grains of white sand--and here they are.  My God creates new life.  My God sent His Son [...] just so I could have the opportunity to choose between Him and... what else even matters?  My God looked death and torture in the face and chose to stay confined in His human body rather than escape the pain.  My God does not hold His incredible suffering against me, but covers me with His glory, His righteousness.

My God hears me when I cry myself to sleep, swear under my breath, sing in church, [...] and knows what I mean when I can't spell it out.  My God broke down walls of pride & miscommunication and built a brand new marriage in their place.

My God heals diseases, not only in biblical times but today; my God leads some out of cancer, anorexia, depression, and addictions.. and sits faithfully by those whom He has not yet healed.

My God is coming back to this earth and my God will make all things new, will make all things right, will make us like what we were meant to be.  My God will wipe away every single tear and my God will give us renewed life and a forever-home with Him.

My God does not forget me, even when I forget Him.  My God is with me and my husband in the best days and the worst fights.  My God never changes.  My God loves me.  [...]  My God has a name that terrifies satan and all his evil followers--my God's name is all it takes to send them running.

My God is strong, wise, creative, patient, healing, forgiving, restoring, loving, kind, mighty, consistent, & real...

.. and He is HERE.

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Happy Together

Happy Together
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