Monday, July 2

Proof He is faithful

I enjoyed such a breathtaking view from my quiet time rock at Saranac Village.  The one morning I forgot to bring my bible, I heard some guys not too far away begin reading the creation account in Genesis aloud together and thanked God that His Word is everywhere, even when I forget to bring my copy.

It's such a blessing to worship a God in the business of multiplying what little we bring to the table (go read about it in the 9th chapter of the gospel of Luke, verses 10-17).  We worry about following up with our high school friends after camp is over, and we do everything we can to be available to them.  We pray for them during the time we swear is for grownup hangout time; we pour what little strength/wisdom/patience/love/money we have into these friends and trust the Lord to do something amazing with it.  And He does.  He is always faithful.

Further proof of His faithfulness, even in stupid things:
It starts with my paralyzing, nauseating hatred of cockroaches.  Rats, spiders, worms, etc. don't make me bat an eye, but with roaches it's different.  We haven't had any trouble with them this year until the recent jump in temperature, and now every time I open the front door I literally have to kick the giant suckers out of the way so they don't invade my home.  Much to my dismay, I have discovered I can't keep them all out like that.

Last night I stayed up until 3 in the morning hunting the suckers down and applying boric acid to every floorboard and crack in the wall (it's an old house).  I killed twelve.  Today I woke up early on my only day off to rake all the leaves away from the base of the house and apply more poison outside.  I got home from church with friends and killed another while they were here.  My husband left for work and two more huge roaches appeared by the front door.  After killing them, my nerves were shot, so I poured a glass of our wedding cab and rented The Vow.  About 20 minutes in, the biggest one yet crawled onto our ceiling where I couldn't reach it.  I paused the movie, took several gasping breaths, and finally told God, "I know this is stupid, but I can't freaking deal with this.  I need to be able to sit in my own living room.  This is so stupid to ask, but please just make this one go away."  Damn if that roach didn't crawl/fly (shudder) all the way across the ceiling to one of our windows, where it climbed into a crack at the window's top edge and disappeared.  I didn't see another one for the rest of the evening.

This experience taught me two things: 1) we need to seal around our windows and 2) God is faithful and caring even when my requests are absolutely ridiculous.  It's nice to serve a God like that.

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Happy Together
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