Monday, April 29

Renovation Day 2

Sunday after church, we started off with lots of sunshine, breeze, and carpet.  

Carpet is a lot heavier, than it looks.  Fortunately, I married the strongest boy I could find and he is quite handy at moving heavy objects.  And with such a charming smile!  

I feel it is my right as a tax payer to leave whatever amount or medium of trash I want by the road for pick up.  Husband feels it is our job as good citizens to take it to the dump.  So all the carpet goes into the garage for now until we rent a truck or he lets me leave it by the trash on Tuesday.  

Last piece of carpet comes up: 

And we are left with this!
 Meanwhile, I finished removing most of the wallpaper and growing the disaster in the breakfast room floor.

We could have our own reality show, really.  

Now if someone wants to come with a big pair of pliers and help us remove the thousands of carpet pad staples from all over the house, we will pay you back with dinner and our firstborn child.  We spent an hour tonight pulling up staples and I have a terrible feeling we're not even halfway through.  Seriously, please come over and bring your pliers.  

2 days and 2 projects down.  We are on a roll, people.  
1. Remove wallpaper in breakfast nook.
2. Remove carpet and pad everywhere.
3. Remove linoleum in kitchen and mud room.
4. Paint.  Everything.
5. Sand and stain hardwood floors.
6. Tile kitchen & baths.
7. Replace door from boudoir to master bath.
8. Move in & nest away.  

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Happy Together
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