Saturday, May 11

Day 14 (Wife takes the afternoon off work to play Flip This House)

Sometimes remodeling a house isn't very glamorous.  Sometimes you have tedious tasks that don't reward you with a beautiful, obvious result, such as puttying up holes from the original owner's 60 years of picture hanging.  

I got so frustrated with pulling nails and staples and puttying up holes that I just had to do something that would reward me visually--so I painted all the trim in the living room and breakfast nook.  Please pardon the mint green walls; they will not be staying long.  

Here is the breakfast nook, sans the grass/human hair wallpaper.  The trim is beige and the wall is freshly sanded.  

Why yes, that does appear to be lead paint powdered all over my arm.  

Even before the real paint comes out, the room looks much nicer with the trim & bead board primed.  

Meanwhile, Husband steadily worked to prep the mud room for tile.

More pictures to come from Day 15 (hint: real paint!)

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Happy Together

Happy Together
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