Sunday, May 12

Days 15 & 16: progress we can see

Day 15

While Husband worked a 12 hour day on Saturday, I made a little field trip to the local Sherwin-Williams and picked up a bucket of their Nomadic Desert for the den.  It's actually a taupe-ish gray, but looks green through my phone's camera.  


It was so refreshing to see something besides primer on those walls.  The number one stressor for me in this whole thing hasn't been the amount of work, or the short timeline--it's been committing to paint colors!  How ridiculous it sounds.. but those choices are the ones keeping me up at night.  

Day 16

Instead of going to work at the house before worship, I snuggled up with leftover grits and treated myself to a rerun of Gossip Girl and the newest Grey's Anatomy.  It's so nice to wake up early accidentally!

We've enjoyed the most beautiful spring I've ever experienced since moving to the south.  Mid-70s through early afternoon, cooling down to the 60s and 50s at night.  Even my paint brushes wanted to be outside. 


My 3rd grade art teacher once corrected me for drawing a sun in the corner of a picture, saying there was no picture ever taken that had the sun partially peeking out of the corner.  Well, Ms. N, I'm a photography pioneer.  It was such a beautiful day to work!

Back indoors, we had to putty up a few significant holes.  Husband had to handle this one.

The color we used in the breakfast/dining area is Valspar's Azure Jazz.  I was so afraid of this color.. but I also loved it, so onto the wall it went.  

K, my friend & down-the-street neighbor, helped with the walls.. 

.. while our friend A painted trim and the fireplace!  

How amazing it feels to have made progress we can see, instead of just sanding, priming, pulling up nails, etc.  I know all those parts matter, but after 2 weeks I was so happy to see such a big difference!  

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Happy Together
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