Friday, May 3

Renovation Day 3 & 4

Nothing happened at the house on Day 3.  Young Life Senior Club happened and it was glorious.

Day 4 was an evening of tedious tasks:
- pulling staples
- removing stuck carpet pad
- prying off the cheap baseboards & tack strips
- pulling more staples

I spent hours working while Husband was away and all I had to show for it was this:

The living room & master bedroom floors look great now that the carpet pad scraps & rusty staples are out. If only I'd taken a picture.. it was the most satisfying sight of the whole project.  

I had some energy left after being hunched over the floor, so I went to contribute to Husband's kitchen linoleum demolition project.  

Gross.  Who glues not one, but two layers of yellow linoleum to beautiful hardwood floors?  Sadly, all of this will be trashed.  We are tiling the kitchen anyway.  

Husband & I will never forget the thousands of carpenter nails we yanked out of those kitchen & mud room floors.  Maybe we should sell them for scrap to pay for the new floors!

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Happy Together
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