Saturday, May 4

Renovation Day 5 & 6

Day 5 was more tedium.. so much so that I didn't take any pictures.  More nail, staple, & linoleum removal.  I've never ever seen so many staples and I hope we never do again.  Husband took up all the ruined hardwood in the kitchen, which was quite impressive.  Jenny & I both tried to pry up one board with the crowbar he left, and we were not even remotely successful.  Refer back to Day 2; this is a great reason to marry a big, strong man!

On the 6th day we saw the mess we created, and felt it wasn't so good.  So we decided to hold off on demolition and primed a couple of walls at the end of our long day.  There are no lights in the dining room, so we brought my $1 Salvation Army find from the rental house.

Husband takes painting very seriously.

We like to be called Team Having Fun.  

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Happy Together

Happy Together
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